About Us

Yan Law Firm and Beijing Huacheng Law Firm are committed to providing bilateral cross-border comprehensive bilingual legal services for Chinese clients from China. Fully meet the needs of foreign-related clients in China, tailor-made efficient and convenient professional international legal services suitable for this group

  • Private Business
  • Corporate Legal
  • Immigration to study abroad
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation and Mediation

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The establishment of a Canadian local law firm is convenient for Chinese clients both inside and outside of China, breaks the routine of high legal fees related to foreign affairs, humanizes and considers customer needs, and provides international professional legal services overseas by Chinese law firms rooted in Chinese culture. Plan one-stop bilateral legal services for client cases.

At the same time, for Canadian clients who invest in China or conduct other civil and commercial activities, they provide Chinese legal through-train services in Canada, issue Chinese legal opinions, build bridges, and promote trade in China.

Yan Law Firm, Li Hua people think, shine the light of Chinese people! Perceive the people's livelihood trek migration experience, understand the legal needs of the cross-border Chinese community, apply what you have learned, take it from the people, and give back to the people!

A law firm combining Chinese and Western elements

The team is composed of local Canadian elite lawyers and Chinese lawyers, taking advantage of bilateral legal services and bridging cross-border cultural differences. Members also include dual-licensed lawyers from other countries who have international lawyers from the University of Toronto Law School, except Focusing on Chinese-speaking services, we can also provide clients with multilateral cross-border foreign-related legal services in other languages.